About Us

CE Robots began as a family affair and continues that tradition, but we’ve added a few “family” members along the way. Our first event was Robocide in Orlando, Florida January 2nd and 3rd, 2003. We’ve been hooked on smashing other peoples things ever since. Now 15 years (and over 40 competitions) since that first event, we’ve achieved a childhood goal of competing on BattleBots.

Team Members

Matthew Spurk – Captain

The first member of the team, and the driving force behind CE Robots. Matt is the designer, engineer, lead fabricator, and driver of Kraken. He has an unquenchable thirst for combat. He has spent every day since that fateful day in January trying to amass as much knowledge about combat robots as possible, and attempts to share that knowledge with anyone willing to talk bots.

Sara Spurk

One of the original members of the team. Sara provided a guiding hand in the design, look, and feel for Kraken. She is a perfectionist and worked to make certain every detail on Kraken was exactly right. On top of being in the shop every night turning wrenches, working the fiberglass, and painting everything in sight, she also spent the entire day organizing the sponsors, making the pirate costumes, getting all the paperwork in order, and just owning life.

Cayden & Ethan Spurk

Some people have been building bots for a long time, but few people can claim they’ve been building bots since birth. The bash brothers have been competing since they were old enough to hold a remote. They’ve taken naps at events, woken up, and gone on to win matches. These two can game. Oh and they are also pretty capable fabricators.


Tech Tips

What to Bring

So you’ve spent the last week frantically trying to get your bot ready for this next event, and now you’re sleep deprived and trying to get everything packed. You end up spending precious time trying to remember what you need to bring rather than sleeping. Here’s how to reduce how much time you spend searching …

A Servo Primer

Servos are a great way to add an active weapon to your basic wedge robot. They are extremely easy to integrate and can really help tip the judges decisions in your favor. You can use them for lifters, clamps, and even hammers. The only (kinda) challenge with using servos is powering them and even that …