What to Bring

So you’ve spent the last week frantically trying to get your bot ready for this next event, and now you’re sleep deprived and trying to get everything packed. You end up spending precious time trying to remember what you need to bring rather than sleeping. Here’s how to reduce how much time you spend searching … More What to Bring

A Servo Primer

Servos are a great way to add an active weapon to your basic wedge robot. They are extremely easy to integrate and can really help tip the judges decisions in your favor. You can use them for lifters, clamps, and even hammers. The only (kinda) challenge with using servos is powering them and even that … More A Servo Primer

Prepping for COB

CE Robots is gearing up for Clash of the Bots (COB) in Gastonia, NC. This is one of our favorite events (okay the next event is always our favorite). But this is the only event on the East coast with Bot Hockey. We will be attending with 2 ants, 1 beetle, and a 12 pound … More Prepping for COB

Hello world!

Welcome to CE Robotics. We’re glad you joined us, and we’re even more glad to be here. Stay tuned to this site for exciting news on the latest Combat Robotics adventures, and be sure to tune it to BattleBots on ABC at 9EST to check out some of our amazing friends battle to the death … More Hello world!